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FCR Mercator is your expert, reliable and fair partner for a wide range of products for hydraulics, machining, forging, machine and plant engineering, and many other industries. As a trading company with many years of experience in heavyduty machining, welding work and the final processing of manufactured products we have developed extensive expertise in these fields. FCR Mercator predominantly acts as a contact partner and trader – we obtain the products from our own subsidiaries or partner companies and manage the communication between customer and supplier. Our processing sizes range from small parts to large components, and we deliver both individual and small to large series.


Products that meet the highest standards


The FCR Mercator product range includes SAE flanges (ISO 6162), welding flanges (ISO 6164), pump flanges and customer-specific flange designs of all types, as well as corrugated pipes manufactured according to customer requirements. Another important product area is the machining of the smallest products and heavyduty machining of components with maximum dimensions of 30 X 8.


SAE flanges (ISO 6162),
Welding flanges (ISO 6164)
and pump flanges

Stainless steel corrugated pipes according to customer requirements for all common applications

Processing sizes from small parts to large components.


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